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This project is an application that let you extract and insert all files that Yu Gi Oh! Power of Chaos PC Games contains. Also you can view all graphics of the game without extracting them.

The program is written in C# and run with the Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1.

If tou have any question please write a message in the forum. Sorry but for now the english page is incomplete.

If you want help me to implement some new feature please send me a mail to udprogramacion@yahoo.com

Main screen screenshot. The screenshot is in spanish but the software is in english also.

Here are some line commands that I found while examined the game.

Example : "C:\Program Files\KONAMI\Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos JOEY THE PASSION\joey_pc.exe" -Lspa -fps .

Parameter Purpose
 -fps Displays the Frame per Second Count.
 -speedy Apparently speed up some actions.
 -nosound  Start the game without sound.
 -16  16 bit color mode.
 -24  24 bit color mode.
 -32  32 bit color mode.
 -win  Windowed mode.
 -Ljpn  Japanese languaje.
 -Leng  English languaje.
 -Lger  German languaje.
 -Lfra  French languaje.
 -Lita  Italian languaje.
 -Lspa  Spanish languaje.
 -e  Unknown.
 -h  Unknown.

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